Speechmatics release Greek

greekSpeechmatics are pleased to announce the release of our new Greek language capability.

Available for both our public cloud-based service and private on-premise implementations of our world-beating Speech Recognition platform.

Greek being an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages has the longest documented history of any living language, spanning 34 centuries of written records and holds an important place in the history of Western culture.

Speechmatics welcome everyone to sign-up for a free trial of our public speech transcription service, now available in 14 languages.

Business Weekly also likes the look of speech technology business Speechmatics

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Business Weekly New Killer 50 whipping up a Storm

Business Weekly also likes the look of speech technology business Speechmatics. Cambridge has proved a honeypot for American technology giants looking for the next big thing in the speech and general AI fields. Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google have already collectively shelled out hundreds of million dollars for Cambridge technology in the sector.

Speechmatics is ramping headcount in a rapid scale-up having launched Universal Time Alignment – a language-independent forced-alignment service to match words in text files to their counterparts in audio files. The technology accurately and automatically delivers improved content discoverability, in any language.

The technology was pioneered by Dr Tony Robinson 30 years ago at the University of Cambridge and is now pushing the boundaries in speaker-independent automatic speech recognition.

Speechmatics releases Russian language support


Speechmatics continues to prove our ground-breaking Auto-Auto technology, by releasing yet another language to market. Auto-Autos key ability is to deliver new language models in super-fast time to a very high standard, through the application of the very latest in Machine Learning technology.

Delivering Russian language capability for our Speech Recognition platform allows us to reach another 260,000,000 users, rapidly expanding our global presence.

Deployable on-premise or through our public and private cloud services, allowing a huge range of use-cases to be supported, from banking compliance to robotics and personal virtual assistants.

Contact neilm@speechmatics.com for more information and a free trial.


Speechmatics ready to support MiFID II compliance


Speechmatics is a leader in automatic speech recognition which enables clients to convert speech to text immediately and hence make audio content such as phone calls discoverable. This is also one of the key requirements of the incoming MiFID II regulation, an incoming European wide financial services regulation to improve transparency in the financial services industry. The regulation is set to take effect from January 2018.

 One of the key mechanisms of MiFID II is around telephone taping of financial advisers to support regulatory compliance, protect consumers and to resolve any trading disputes cost effectively. According to IHS Market and Expand, a Boston Consulting Group Company, MiFID II will cost the industry more than $2bn in 2017. The incoming legislation also received further strength and backing through a report published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) last week urging financial institutions to ready themselves.

As a specialist in multilingual, automatic speech recognition, Speechmatics is ideally positioned to help companies that offer turn-key solutions to this upcoming market opportunity by allowing them to convert what was recorded on a call into an accurate transcription. Speechmatics covers most of the core European languages and alongside a cloud-based service, provides a full on-premises solution that easily integrates into any existing software stack, thereby maintaining privacy and security of data.

 Speechmatics is already working with a number of leading call recording and compliance partners in the UK and across Europe.

For more information on Speechmatics, please contact neilm@speechmatics.com

For more information on MiFID II, please see a recent Financial Times Article:


For a link to the IHS report:



Speechmatics release Polish


Speechmatics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Polish, the latest language generated through our Auto-Auto language model creation platform.

Available today for our cloud-based and private on-premise Speech Recognition platform, this release allows us to offer speech capability to another 40,000,000 people.

More languages to follow….


Swedish released on Speechmatics ASR platform


Continuing with the relentless and consistent release of new language capability, Speechmatics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Swedish.

This now takes our released language count to twelve, an impressive feat of engineering unsurpassed in this industry.

“Releasing yet another new language just goes to prove that our Auto-Auto technology is continuing to deliver astonishing results, and that the world-beating engineering team at Speechmatics that created it are re-writing the rule book on speech technology”, commented Neil MacDonald, Chief Revenue Officer.

More languages to come….